Though Grace Reformed Baptist Church was officially constituted on October 9, 1996, the desire to start a ministry in the Newark area started long before in the hearts and minds of the elders and people of Trinity Baptist Church of Montville, NJ.
Prior to 1996, the 25 or so members of Trinity who lived in and around Newark began to discuss the possibility of a reformed Baptist work in the inner city. The occasional discussions led to concentrated seasons of prayer, planning, and seeking of God’s will on the matter. Therefore, we threw ourselves totally at the mercy seat of God, willing to accept whatever He had prepared for us as a group.

Our group, led by Pastor Belton Brevard III, eventually began to meet on the Lord’s Day in the evening at the Latin Evangelical Outreach in the city of Irvington. The Lord blessed our meetings in the evening to the point where we knew it was time to progress to the next step: meeting in the mornings.

As a result, Grace Fellowship began meeting for Adult and Children’s Sunday School and Morning Worship Service at the YMWCA in downtown Newark.
God truly showed His favor to the group and we knew it was time to start planning to constitute a Reformed Baptist Church, the first of its kind in the city in quite a long time.

God was pleased to allow us to constitute as a church on October 9,1996. We continue to labor in the greater Newark area for the Lord Jesus Christ and it remains our desire to glorify Him in worship, to be used for the edification of God’s people and for the salvation of lost souls.